Private Instruction


Restorative Yoga

Is there stress in your life?  Melt it away in this lovely, relaxing 75 minute private instruction which is done primarily resting on the floor. You will spend several minutes gently unwinding in each restorative posture with the help of props such as bolsters, blankets, and pillows. No prior yoga knowledge necessary. Some classes will be lit by candlelight with soft music in the background. Wear comfortable clothing (we've seen PJ's worn before!). Please bring your own Yoga Mat.


Qigong, also known as "Chi Gong" and pronounced "Chee Gong", is a gentle movement of the body using breathing techniques and gentle movement to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate energy in the body. It is from the same family as Tai Chi and originated in China as a very popular practice to promote healing in the body, as it balances the physical and emotional systems. This private instruction is approximately 60 minutes and you will be guided to move your body and breath in a balanced flow that will add more energy, vitality and balance to your day. You will feel very relaxed and respond the stress more calmly throughout the day.


Meditation is being in a state of stillness with awareness being solely in the present moment. It gives us the power to master our thoughts and emotions and to stop the fluctuations of the mind; it allows us to observe these thoughts and emotions but not get caught up in them, allowing us to have clarity and focus. In this 45 - 60 minute you will be guided through a meditation to help bring you to a place of quite and peace. There are many ways to meditate - our meditations will vary from class to class. We offer very comfortable meditation chairs to help you sit upright and align your body and breath. You will leave feeling very calm, relaxed and your day will flow with calm and ease. Perfect for all levels of meditation experience.

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