There are many ways to describe meditation, and many types of meditation. Meditation is being in a state of stillness with awareness being solely in the present moment. It gives us the power to master our thoughts and emotions and to stop the fluctuations of the mind. It allows us to observe these thoughts and emotions but not get caught up in them, allowing us to have clarity and focus.

If you are centered in that calm place in your mind, you can meditate while walking in nature, cooking, gardening etc. These are all moments of being present – not looking forward to the future, and not thinking about the past. We spend most of our lives looking to outside sources for joy, happiness and fulfillment – we look to other people to makes us happy, or to food, experiences, to material things such as clothes and cars. Through meditation, we discover that the true source of happiness is actually inside us.

Private Meditation Instruction

Initial Visit

During your first session, we will introduce you to the world of meditation and will provide you with a mantra to help guide you. You will leave with a general understanding of meditation and how to implement it into your daily routine without stress or anxiety.

Subsequent visits

These sessions will help guide you into a deeper understanding of meditation and how it relates to your life.

Group Meditation Instruction

We offer meditation instruction in a small group setting. Please contact us for more information.


Meditation FAQ's

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