Paulo de Sousa


Sports was a big part of Paulo's early years. Hockey, Track, Basketball, Cycling and volleyball being played at the varsity level.
His first career was in the IT working as a programmer/Analyst and with the stress outlet of sports out of the picture he started to question the balance in his life. Feeling that something was missing, a lack of wholeness.
1990 Enter Gong Fu/Tai Chi/Kenpo/I ching/meditation training and study, the path towards wholeness, transformation and illumination begins.
Intensive instructor training began in 1994 with Terry Hodgkinson at Energy Lake Studios (Beyond Kung Fu Studios) and over the years training under various teachers/systems at Energy Lake Kung Fu Studios, George Dillman Kyosho Jitsu, Mykoto Kobayama Jeet Kun Do and Enlightenment Intensive retreats to name a few.
He also owned and operated his own martial arts studio in Streetsville from 2000-2008

He also studied Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin under Terry Hodgkinson in recent for years.
He is currently studying Taoist 5 animal forms learned while at Wudang Shan in December of 2015 and various meditations and Yang style Tai Chi while staying in Pune, India in December 2015 at OSHO's International Meditation Resort.
Paulo also has studied NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and craniosacral therapy. He is also aPersonal Trainer, Small Group Trainer, Boot-camp Coach and a Nutrition Coach.
Paulo also collaborates with his wife Sandra (a yogini with 15 years of experience) to facilitate various workshops.
Paulo is passionate about sharing his over 25 years knowledge, practice and wisdom to assist in the facilitation of a life lived with greater wholeness, balance, vitality and purpose.


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