David Lawson


David is an entrepreneur, successful businessman, husband and athlete.

Hockey was a big part of David's first twenty years. Always a dedicated and focused player, when at fifteen David's father died unexpectedly he kept and honoured his promise to his father and continued to play hockey, earning an athletic scholarship at the Varsity level.

David is the founder of two packaging businesses.

During his business career the challenges and the stress of being an entrepreneur, in addition to effects of past hockey concussions, affected his health and led to bouts of anxiety and insomnia.

His search to heal himself and to create greater balance in his life inspired him to walk the path towards wholeness and self-transformation.

He began studying meditation, yoga and Ayurveda at the Chopra Centre in San Diego, California and for the past eight years he has been traveling annually to San Diego and has completed Perfect Health, Journey Into Healing and Seduction Of Spirit.

David feels fortunate to have studied personally with some of the foremost Doctors, Meditation teachers, and Energy Healers  in the world, including Deepak Chopra MD, David Simon MD, Davidji, and Nicole Bates.

He also studied Chi Gong for three years and trained with Master Chi Gong Teacher and Doctor of Chinese Medicine- the late Gerry Fujisawa.

He currently is studying Medical Qigong with Lee Holden.

He has completed Teacher Training for Restorative Yoga at Octopus Garden Centre in Toronto, Canada.

He has also completed Huna Energy Healing Course- a course that teaches Quantum Healing.

In 2019, he visited Rishikesh, India the birthplace of yoga to study yoga, and meditation  and in 2020 visited Southern India to study Ayurveda.

He offers private Business/Life coaching too: CEO's, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Students, Sales Executives, First Responders and many others.

David is passionate about sharing his hard-won tools and strategies to assist in the co-creation of a life lived with greater peace, balance, vitality and fulfillment.

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